It is expected that the world  phone market will pass trillion dollar mark by 2017 and the number of mobile holder will be round over 5 billion.

Softsunrise Android Course is the First best, cheep and reliable course in pakistan as well as all over the world in online way. We launched google android training right from the first version  was launched. Now, Android has reached and took the first place amongst smartphones.Mobile is one and only one technology which will rule the future of software. Are you ready?

Syllabus Overview:

 Our Google ANDROID course is of 2.5 months duration. Here is the course outline:

1. Programming Revision: Java fundamentals are revised – to be an Android developer, you basics should be clear.
2. Android: Activities, Content Providers, Intents, Services, Storage, Network, Multimedia, GPS, Phone services, XML Layouts, Widgets, Permissions, Sensor Manager, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, SQLite, RSS, Threads, Animation, Refresh handler, JSON, Game Engine, Full game, Animated 2D Games, Google Play Store and a lot more.
4. Nationwide placement assistance : CV Preperation, HR Interview – English preperation, Technical Interview preperation.

Who should join: Android is Easy! You Can be from any background, but if you know the basics of Programming, you can join this course.


Course Outcome:
At the end on course all students will gain enough knowledge that they will become able to create and publish their own Apps for Google Android devices as well as ability to learn advanced topics through self study methods we will teach them. All students will be provided software, project source code, as well as certificates about the course.

Fee Android Full Course

$.00 Total Price

  • 15 Sessions
  • 1 session is 60 minutes
  • Onlinne Classes
  • 24 hour support
  • Your choice of class schedule